Water Regs UK has launched its new guidance online. The decision to replace the Water Regulations Guide book with online guidance was taken by water companies and driven by the desire to provide up to date information which can be easily accessed for free. The new free to access online guidance is available on the Water Regs UK website now www.waterregsuk.co.uk/guidance.


All guidance has been comprehensively reviewed in collaboration with water companies to ensure it is up to date.  This is the most significant change in guidance for more than twenty years and aims to provide more accessible, up-to-date information to help everyone comply with the water fittings regulations and byelaws.


Publication of the online guidance marks the retirement of the Water Regulations Guide (click to view). The Water Regulations Guide cannot be purchased after 29th March 2024 or earlier if stocks run out, instead, everyone is encouraged to use the online guidance.


The key features of the online guidance are:

  • Up to date guidance backed by water companies, which can now be regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Free access for everyone to enable a wider reach and greater awareness of safe water systems.
  • Clear distinction between informative guidance about regulatory requirements and more general information which may or may not apply, depending on the situation.
  • For installers this general guidance includes 87 new FAQs, 8 new booklets and 8 new check lists.
  • Users can print off all the informative guidance or relevant sections in PDF format.
  • The ability to give feedback which will help to identify gaps and drive continuous improvements.