WMSoc Training Exams - Legionella & Pseudomonas Risk Assessment Healthcare Qualification - W301


ONE-DAY SESSION:  9am – 4pm

Lunch and refreshments provided



This wrap up session and final exam is for delegates following the Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Risk Assessment of Healthcare and Other Risk Systems. All delegates attending this session should have completed all relevant modules within the previous 36 months to be eligible for the qualification.  




Students should attend:

W201 Legionella Control & the Law, or equivalent course

W202 Legionella Causes & Impacts of Infection, or equivalent course

W264 Legionella Risk Assessment of Hot & Cold Water Systems Foundation, or W015

W203 An Appreciation of Hot & Cold Water Systems

W204 Water Treatment Control of Hot & Cold Water Systems

W259 Temperature Monitoring, Sampling & Inspection of Water Systems, or W028

W265 Legionella Risk Assessment - Hot & Cold Water Systems, or W024

W268 Pseudomonas aeruginosa Risk Assessment in Healthcare Environments, or W037

Students relying on equivalent study should provide course certificates prior to attending this exam. 

Delegates should also ideally have a minimum of 12-18 months practical experience of Legionella risk assessment to have allowed them to gain the necessary exposure to different systems/scenarios.

NOTE: In addition to attending the various required courses the candidate is expected to have practical experience of assessing Healthcare systems risk for Legionella and Pseudomonas. They would be expected to have seen a variety of buildings water systems and gained sufficient practical as well as theoretical knowledge to demonstrate competence. To achieve this level of practical experience depends on the candidate’s aptitude, frequency and complexity of risk assessing systems for Legionella and Pseudomonas. We would recommend that the candidate has undertaken a variety of Legionella risk assessments (from a mixture of different system types), and that the subsequent reports have been independently peer reviewed in order to allow a candidate to achieve the required experience.


To allow those students following the Risk Assessment Qualification pathway to complete their learning.

This day will include a recap of important points gained during the qualifying study and group discussion highlighting typical failings.

A 3 hour problem solving written exam. 

4 CPD points awarded.




Students are also able to complete the Legionella Risk Assesment for Hot & Cold Water Systems pathway.

For Evaporative Cooling Systems an additional pathway is available. 

Additional pathways for Water Treatment are also available.

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