WMSoc Training Courses - Legionellosis Causes and Impacts of Infection - W202



1 CPD point awarded



The expected audience for this course will include all those wishing to further their understanding of the causes of legionellosis (including Legionnaires’ disease) as well as the medical aspects and impacts.  This knowledge is required by anybody who is responsible for, uses, maintains or operates any water system that is capable of growing and emitting legionella bacteria.  This includes Duty Holders, Responsible Persons, Technicians, Managers, Legionella Risk Assessors and Service Providers.  


To ensure delegates:

  • Understand how people succumb to legionellosis and Legionnaires’ disease
  • Know how the causal agent grows to levels that can be harmful
  • Understand who is most likely to become infected as a result of exposure
  • Know the various outcomes of exposure to the causal agent 
  • Gain a sound foundation for further study



  • The cause of legionellosis
  • The chain of infection
  • Medical aspects of legionellosis
  • Conditions that lead to increased risk of infection
  • Introduction to control of water systems to prevent infection




This module forms part of the Water Management Society Qualifications and provides a pre-requisite for a number of courses (see below).

This module along with W201 will fulfil the needs of anybody who has been told they require Legionella Awareness training.




W201 – Legionella Control & the Law (online course)

W203 – An Appreciation of Hot & Cold Water Systems (online course)


This online course forms part of the pre-requisite for the following classroom courses, and is included in their course booking:

W255 – Evaporative Cooling Water Chemistry Foundation

W257 – Cleaning & Disinfection of Hot & Cold Water Systems

W258 – Cleaning & Disinfection of Evaporative Cooling Systems

W259 – Temperature Monitoring, Sampling & Inspection of Hot & Cold Water Systems for Technicians

W264 - Legionella Risk Assessment of Hot & Cold Water Systems Foundation

W265 – Practical Legionella Risk Assessment Hot & Cold Water Systems Advanced

W266 – Legionella Risk Assessment of Evaporative Cooling Systems