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If you are a member first log into the member’s portal, this will ensure you are offered member’s prices on bookings.

To book a training course or event, select the course/event you require from the list, choose ‘dates and prices’ and click ‘book event’ next to the desired date. Complete the attendee details and click ‘add to basket’. Once you have selected all courses/events you require, click on the basket icon at the top right of the webpage.

Complete the invoicing details in the form, agree to our terms by clicking the box and click ‘submit and make payment’. You will then be redirected to Worldpay to make credit card payment. Please note that if the booking is for a free webinar, clicking the submit button will confirm the booking without the need to enter credit card information.

Your booking is now complete and you will be sent a payment confirmation from Worldpay. Once the order is processed by the office staff you will be sent a VAT receipt.

When making the training booking, at the invoice details section listed above, select ‘bank transfer’ as the payment method. When you click ‘submit and make payment’ your booking will be sent to the office and you will receive a copy of your order. The office staff will process the booking and send over an invoice for payment.

Please note that this option is not available for event bookings.

If you are a member and are logged into the member’s portal, your details will be pre-filled on the booking form. You are not able to change these. In order to book for someone else, first log out of the member’s portal. The booking form will now be blank and you can complete with the attendee’s details.

Only bookings made when logged into the member’s portal will be priced at the lower rate. Anyone booking for someone else who is a member will be charged the higher rate. The options in this case are to either pay the higher rate by card when booking, and have the difference refunded when the order is processed. Or select to pay later, and the admin staff will apply the correct rate to the booking invoice.

Whenever possible members should make their own bookings online to avoid these issues.

Technical questions are visible to everyone on our website, however the answers are only visible to members. If you can’t see the answers please log into the member’s portal. Once logged in, use the menu on the left hand side to access the technical Q&A.

Please note: The answers shown under the knowledge menu will continue to be blocked even when logged in.

Members can review the details held for them and make updates to addresses, telephone numbers and company details via the member’s portal. Once logged in select ‘Account Information’ from the left hand menu.

It is not possible to change your name or main email address via the online form. To change either of these items please contact the office [email protected]. For change of name please provide proof of the change (deed poll, marriage, divorce certificates etc).

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