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Dedicated to furthering knowledge in all aspects of water usage our range of unique resources will help you develop core skills, enhance your proficiency, and help towards your continuing professional development in your relevant field. Use our technical expertise, advice and practical training to strengthen your career and become part of our great network of water management professionals.

Which membership type is right for you?

Full Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £154.00

Individuals may be elected as a Full Member providing that they:

  1. Hold a level 6 qualification (degree) or above in a subject relevant to water and have a minimum of 3 years experience in the technology and use of water in industry or commerce, or
  2. Hold a level 5 qualification (HND/Dip-Tech) in a subject relevant to water and have a minimum of 5 years experience in the technology and use of water in industry and commerce, or
  3. Hold a level 3 or 4 qualification (A-level/HNC) in subject relevant to water and have a minimum of 8 years experience in the technology and use of water in industry and commerce, or 6 years experience and 72 CPD points (this should include at least 3 formal training courses in accordance with the WMSoc CPD roadmap).
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Associate Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £144.00

Applicants who have the academic water-related qualifications but not the experience, or those who have the water-related experience but lack the academic qualifications will be elected to Associate Member.

Temporary Associate Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £82.50

Applicants with neither the experience nor the qualifications may apply for a Temporary Associate grade. This grade can be awarded to those who commit to a minimum of 24 hours relevant Continued Professional Development (CPD), including at least one WMSoc course (or equivalent), over a 2 year period. Once this is completed they may apply for Associate membership.

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Technician Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £82.50

Applicants who are engaged in a water related role and are practically skilled, or complete water related work as only part of their responsibilities. This category does not allow those who are accepted at this level to use letters after their name.

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Student Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £46.00

For individuals pursuing full or part-time studies relevant to the aims of the society with the intention of progressing to higher membership grades.

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Retired Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £46.00

Any member of at least 5 years continuous membership who has permanently retired from full-time salaried employment. Evidence of this must be provided on application.

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Membership Fee for 2024: £154.00

Any member of the Society who has been a Member for a minimum of 10 years (or a named nominee within a group for longer than 10 years) and who, in the opinion of Council has made significant contributions to the activities of the Society and/or to the industrial/commercial application of water may be invited to accept the grade of Fellow.

Group Membership

Membership Fee for 2024: £799.00

Council has, for some time, been aware of a large constituency of personnel on the periphery of the water treatment sector who are not eligible for WMSoc membership under the current rules. By expanding the existing Group membership, it is hoped to rectify this and to make available the many benefits of WMSoc membership to this group, which come largely from the facilities management and maintenance sectors. This category grants no voting rights and does not allow those who are accepted at this level to use letters after their name; the company receives the advantage of access for its people to the benefits of the training courses and regular informative contact from the WMSoc. For an application form for Group subscription which gives Nominee membership.

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What can a membership to the WMSoc do for you?

Being a WMSoc member gives you access to a wide range of resources and connects you with other professionals and regulatory bodies within the water management industry. Our expertise in Legionella awareness, Legionella and Water Hygiene training enables us to give the most up-to-date instruction on how to prevent Legionnaires’ and other waterborne diseases within various water systems, including cooling towers. We then share this information with our members via educational seminars, webinars, training and publications at reduced rates.

  • Check iconAccess to educational seminars and webinars
  • Check iconAccredited modular training courses ranging from basic to advanced levels
  • Check iconOn-site Practical Training Area (PTA) for hands-on experience
  • Check iconNational and regional events and seminars
  • Check iconUp-to-date industry news and guidelines
  • Check iconAccess to ‘Members only’ area on this site providing technical papers, support and guidance
  • Check iconSupport of working parties to produce authoritative documents and to drive member benefits
  • Check iconCo-operation with other professional bodies and liaison with national and government authorities / agencies for the furtherance of the industry
  • Check iconPublication of quarterly journal Waterline

Key Information

Please note, there is a new Members Registration Fee £40. The non-returnable Registration Fee, which is to be paid with the first subscription, covers administration costs and the issue of a Membership Certificate. For new members joining throughout the year, a sliding scale of fees will apply.

Please note that there is likely to be an increase in the rates shown by the time any application submitted after December 2022 is approved. Any increase in rates will be informed at the appropriate time.


  • Individuals should advise the Society of any changes in their qualifications and/or work experience that may affect their membership status.
  • Proof of qualifications will be required.
  • Statements of experience must be authorised by a member of the Society (Member/Fellow) or the applicant’s supervisor.
  • Please see each section for specific requirements regarding supporting documents and any additional information.
  • Please note that there a non-returnable registration fee of £40 to cover administration costs.
  • Names of new members will be published in our Waterline journal once approved, if you prefer not to be included please check the box on your application form.
  • The use of the WMSoc Logo or any related imagery is NOT PERMITTED for personal or commercial use.
  • Membership of the Society does not imply competence.